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VisionHero in 90 Seconds

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A big thank you to digital artist Stephen Hopkins for this succinct video showcasing the VisionHero website. And thank you too, to our donors and supporters in city government, many of whom are recognized in the video.  Sorry we couldn’t salute everyone — it would have been a 10 minute video if we did!

Thank You 2016 Donors (Yum! More, Please….)


A gaggle of Happy Heroes joined us at HeroeHQ in December to cheer our newly-created nonprofit that’s improving, and expanding the VisionHero website. More than $2,000 was raised — a great start.

We demo’d the newly-refreshed site, now on our servers, and got some great feedback from the crowd.  Revisions are already live on the site.

Donate here via PayPal (no fee)

Donate now via the  PayPal button.  Happy holidays to all!

StreetsAcademy becomes VisionHero, Inc.

We’re pleased to announce that the people behind the website have created a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation in the State of New York to support our work. VisionHero, Inc. was certified by New York State on September 20, 2016.

We’ll keep you updated on new developments at VisionHero, Inc.

Being our own nonprofit gives us the opportunity to raise money to support our work without having to rely on other nonprofits to administer funds.

We’re grateful to our friends at the non-profit OpenPlans, Inc. for giving us a professional, friendly, and pro-bono home in our first years — a time when we created our first groundbreaking VisionHero online program for the New York City Department of Transportation now being used in middle schools.

Visit this site for more information about how VisionHero, Inc is working to make Vision Zero programs a successful reality in cities and communities around the world. —Peter Frishauf